This is my blog- I guess, my "Zoo". It's about animals, food, photography, art and my own life.

The Pets

My pets....

Seeing as you're visiting my Zoo, you should get to know my pets!

Name: Piper, AKA hyper-piper, doggiwog, pup, mutt-mutt, stinky, fluffybutt...
Breed: Australian Shepherd. She was the runt, so she looks like a mini-aussie.
Birthday: July 10, 2009.
Favourite things: running, barking, being silly,  playing with just about anything, eating anything that's stinky.
Personality: Goofy, energetic, silly, happy, enthusiastic, loyal, loving, protective, loud and very sweet!

 Name: Snoopy.
Breed: Syrian Hamster. (Sable banded)
Birthday: Likely some time in May 2011. Adopted July 2011 :)
Favourite things: Sleeping, cuddling, running on his wheel, eating and modeling for pictures!
Personality: Sweet, cuddly, cheerful, sleepy and clumsy.

Name:  Aquariums/ one 20 gallon and one 16 gallon :)
Breed(s): In my 20g, I have neon and glowlight tetras, harlequin rasboras, a clown pleco and some livebearers :)

 Name: Frederica, Lulu & Stitch
Breed: Commercial Brown Layer hens
Birthday: May 2011
Favourite things:Eating bugs, pooping, running around, trying to fly and talking!
Personality: Dorky, clumsy, silly, carefree, smart, friendly.