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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Updates and a Give away @ The Wonder Forest

so.... I haven't posted like anything in forever.

There's a great giveaway happening at The Wonder Forest... Go check it out :)

I had knee surgery to remove a piece of bone I broke off my kneecap. It all went so fast I can hardly believe it even happened.

Painful but I'm getting better! 5 weeks until I can walk!

Also a few weeks ago I got 2 baby hamsters. Say "hi" to Sterling (Left) and Falafel (Right)!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thursday Quotes

Beauty Wednsday: Nail art!

I recently discovered Cutepolish. She has some really creative, easy designs! I tried her Water Marble Nail Art. It worked for one nail, and then I *could not* get the rest! It was really weird but fun to see the marbling effect. If you're really patient, water marble nails are really fun to try! I then re-did my nails, like so :)
sorry, the edges are sloppy...

All you have to do, is tape off 1/3 of your nail. Paint that half, and then fill in the other with a different color. It's really cute and simple. It would look great in pastel colors!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cute Tuesday: call duckling!

Every week needs a little more cute, and this week it's an itty bitty ducky! Picture belongs to HRR352 on photobucket. I love the floofy down and the happy bill. Squee!

Friday, 2 December 2011

goodbye, Edwina.

You won' be forgotten. The first time I saw you, you were squirming in the feedstore man's clutches. We didn't ask for a leghorn, but you were such a wonderful mistake.  We would have never know what an amazing bird you were if there hadn't been some mistake. The last time I saw you, alive, you were trying to escape from the run so you could come say Hi to me. The final time I saw you, you were laying in the grass, sacrificed for the others. You always stood up and when the time came you protected your flock, you did one heluva job. I was so scared you were a rooster and we'd have to re-home you. Then you laid an egg and proved me so wrong! You knew just because you're the best egg layer doesn't mean you can't crow too. You were so clever and always escaped, but all while keeping an eye on the flock. You showed me what an attitude birds can have. When you were little I'd have such a time chasing you around the yard just for you to escape from the run again, but as you grew up whenever you saw a human, you were always there asking for treats and coming to greet us. You were such a sweetie and always tolerated those ridiculous neighbourhood kids. Your eggs always tasted best. The moments with you sitting on my lap were so special and I know I'm never ever going to find another hen like you, and we'll all miss you dearly. You gave your life for theirs, so thank you. You had a good 6-month life but you met a terrible end.
Visit me in a dream sometime soon, TheWhiteOne. Rest In Peace and fly high at the rainbow bridge.♥

"Nugget" was the snuggliest. Moments after this she escaped.

'Weena was always there, even when I was looking terribly un-photogenic.

Whitey was always on top of things.

"Snowy" in the garden. I hope there's a garden full of rhubarb for you in heaven.

"Foghorn Leghorn" was always the leader, despite Frederica.

I hope there's a dustbath for you in heaven, little "Fluffy".

"Edi", you had the most beautiful, understanding eyes. 

"Mr. White", you always stood up for Stitch.

You've grown, Edwina. I wish you could have grown even more after this picture was taken.

...You weren't "just a chicken", my leghorn. Rest in peace, my chicky♥

Thursday, 17 November 2011

SariBlue giveaway at Wonderforest

check it out! Great stuff

It hit me.

Something hit me this last week.. that when I hold my animals, I'm holding their life. When I feed them, that's the only place they're getting food.
They trust me with their lives! It's my job to make sure they have good lives.
It's a fact I wish I could show to all those people who say "Oh, my apartment doesn't allow pets". "Oh, I don't have time". "Oh, I can't afford it"

I wish they would realize that their furbabies trust them with their lives!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Do Good Things.

Since this month began, I think I've been wanting to do something.
Maybe something that would make someone happy.
Maybe something that would make me happy.
I unconsciously came up with a list of good stuff what I *want* to do this November. 
OK, don't laugh... I already feel like a dork

1.) Donate my hair 
I have ridiculously long hair and I want to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. Now to find what cut I want!

2.) Become vegetarian. Again.
I did it for about 10 days once. I couldn't stand the way my family acted about it, they made me feel like *I* was doing something wrong. This time, I'm going to actually do it and stick with it, screw what everyone thinks of me! Why should I kill somebody just because I'm hungry?

3.) Volunteer.
The SPCA is overflowing with animals. If I can't adopt, I should try to volunteer.

4.) Get a Job.
I desperately want a job. I thought perhaps Global Pet Foods would be a good place for me to work, but who knows. I don't know if this is what you would call "good", but my mind put it on the list.

What are some good things you have done and how did you get going?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blogs are so distracting.

here's a photo dump. I am supposed to be doing an essay, but whatever! I suppose this is more fun...

p.s. I wish I had more followers. -.-

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Smiles can brighten your day more than the sun!

Happy dog is happy :) by Zoe is a fish.
Happy dog is happy :), a photo by Zoe is a fish. on Flickr.
being greeted by a smile in the morning can always make the difference between a good day vs. a bad day. even if that smile is furry with pointed teeth :D . A good day or bad day is all in your head. It just depends on your attitude. So chin up, butter cup!