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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Prematurely Spring

it snowed on Sunday, so now it's melting of course; yuck! But hey, it feels like spring, which is quite odd because it's not winter yet!... although I HAVE gone sledding, and had a snowball fight AND took my dog dog-sledding all before Halloween. You know you're Canadian when!
I also started a flickr account. I've always like flickr. So here's some pictures from today!

You know, earlier I was thinking of how sucky today was. Looking back... frig, I have it pretty darn good! The great outdoors, good friends, a nice family, a bit of cooking, and lots of pets. It's silly how there's still things I want.! Score: 1 happiness - 0 gumpiness. Also did you notice the lil blog revamp? I'm still not sure if I like it or not, but I think yes I do! It just needs some personalization.. hmm...

And a special thanks to my lovely blog followers for listening to me and looking at my photos :-) love you guys!

***I am SO sorry the pictures aren't showing up right... I guess I am still figuring out flickr! It'll come to me in a lightbulb moment. 'till that moment, please click the links :-)***

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