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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chickens shows and apple cookies. A great combo.

Last weekend I went to a poultry show. From meters away, you could hear roosters and geese and smell dung. It was awesome!
Here are some of my favourite poultry from the show.

modern game, such loong legs!

pretty roo! 

 Archangel pigeon. Lovely colors, nice crest!
Another pigeon. Egyptian something, I think...

Everybody's favorite, the silkie! Nice afro. 

Check out this guy's wattle!  

This pretty orange roo was nearly as big as my dog. I'd guess 20 pounds and very loud! 

Nice, clean looking boy. The breed name is on the tip of my tongue!

This duck was incredible! Black with a wonderful sheen.

My mom was fascinated by the indian runner's upright body! 

This goose looked so bored. 

This duck had wonderful speckles. 

Looks very debonair, doesn't he?


A cute lil canada goose. Looked kinda scared. 

Wattle! Looks like a beard, no? 

The only turkey. Right beside his cage were BBQ's... -.- 

Button Quail! So puny! 

Another pigeon. 

Archangel pigeon, once more.

^Dream barn!!^

Now, the apple cookies I made to use up the extra caramel sauce from the Cupcakes. They had the texture of a molasses cookie, and had nice apple chunks. Not bad! (recipe below.)

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