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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Animal Rescue League. *Adopt-A-Pet*

When I was younger, I watched Zaboomafoo. Maybe that's what grew my obsession with all things alive? ...There was a segment in each episode called the "Animal rescuers" or something like that. They took care of lost baby birds, groomed stray cats, nursed roadkill back to health. You know, all these super-hero type jobs. I always dreamed of becoming one of these. I'm pretty sure I asked my Mom how I could get on that show more than once, and I went out into the woods praying there would be an abandoned puppy crying out for me!
Alas, none such happened, obviously. I lived in a small town where all the animals were quite well-kept.
I always figured I just wasn't cut out to be part of the Animal Rescuer League. I eventually gave up and continued begging my Mom for a puppy. After years of asking, Mom said yes! so, Before we got Piper (my pup) we actually did go and look through the SPCA's selection. From my memory, there probably wasn't more than maybe 20 dogs. Most of them seniors or small yappy dogs. Nothing really suited us, and we did look through more than once! So we got Piper from our lovely breeder friend. I got my fish the from local LFS. I got my hamster (he was on dicount! Nobody wanted him)": ) from an adorable small-town pet store. I got my chickens from a reputable breeder. None of those would be considered rescues, but I guess they are better than where a lot of people get their animals.

I've always thought "rescuing" an animal was doing undercover missions in labs and freeing all the skinny pigs and rats. I've always thought it was racing into abusive pet homes and courageously ripping the animal away with a gun pointed at your head. I've always thought it was going on the side of the road and rehabilitating a run-over animal.

Nope. Lately I've realized... there are millions of animals, of different breeds, waiting for their hero, Waiting for their second chance. There's nothing special to it. Choose the Adoption Option. Don't breed and don't buy: Go to your local shelter. Must you irresponsibly breed, please do it virtually, using Pure Felinity or a similar game :( ! There is no shortage on homeless animals of any breed. In my local SPCA, they have everything from pitbulls, to hamsters to siamese kittens. If you think they don't have the animal you're looking for- oh yes they do! guinea pigs, rats, purebred dogs, rabbits, kittens of every colour.. oh, and there's more! Maybe I've never adopted a pet before, but I assure you: I am going to from now on. I see their faces and they're calling out to me!

Perhaps one day I'll have my own rescue called The Animal Rescue League: be your pet's hero.
I really hope so. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

I've added a petfinder search bar to your left. If you're looking for a new family member- why don't you do a quick search? Save a Life.


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