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Monday, 24 October 2011

Another "first egg"!!

Courtesy of Edwina, my Leghorn pullet.. I mean HEN :)
Before she laid her egg, I heard her crowing... I was so scared she was a rooster and that we would have to get rid of her! I was nearly crying. I went online looked up 24716545172 different results for "stop rooster crowing". Most of them were "butcher it.", so I went outside to take a picture of her to compare it to Leghorn Roosters. When I was out there, fearing my lovely lady was a man....
She dispersed my worries with the most surefire way....

an egg!

Since then, we've had a carton at least half full of eggs every day! 2 eggs a day is a great number. I can't wait until Stitch and Lou start!!

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