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Friday, 14 October 2011

Aquatic Plants

the late paludarium. It is less awesome now :'(

I'd really like to have a more natural aquarium. Mine used to be stunning, but somewhere along the way they stopped being so lush and went to just meh.. they're still ok, but just OK. So I'm now stalking AquaBid to see if there's any awesome deals on plants :) ! I love aquatic plants. They're so pretty ad natural. Plus my fishies love them and are always so much more happy with them!

Also, when/if I get more plants (♥), I am totally going to setup this betta bowl! I miss my little brother's my old betta! They are such characters, and so vibrant.

a [the] planted betta bowl.. so lush!

fish (like this RTBS!) love plants.

I've got to go now... but we're eating tilapia. Yum?

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