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Monday, 17 October 2011

habitrail OVO quick review.

I bought this used for $10:

it didn't come with the waterbottle or the wheel.

And then I bought this new for $15

the tower!

So I'm going to quickly outline what I like and dislike.

I like...
-how there is good visibility.
-how it looks, i like the colors.
-how easy the tubes are to connect
-how active my hamster is in this.
-how there is good ventilation on the "pad"
-how easy it is to clean

I do not like....
-how you need extensions for it to be an acceptable size. Could be cheaper. I have mine attached to a tank.
-how there could be better ventilation in the den/tubes
-how the tubes could have better grips
-how there is not room for a non-habitrail wheel or many toys.

Overall, I think it is a very good product. If & when I get more small animals, habitrail is surely my first choice! If you do get this cage (which you should!), to combat the very few cons, you should 1.) have more than one cage connected. 2.) clean out regularly- don't wait for it to smell!! 3.) don't have many steep tubes, you can slant them to the side so your ham doesn't fall.. 4.) get the trainer, and remove the orange wheel- this will give you more room for toys.

I really like this cage and the pro's outweigh the cons! 

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